Wonderful Wisconsin

Sorry, sorry, I know it has been two weeks since my last post, we have been busy! We traveled to Wisconsin for over a week. Andy shot an amazing buck, which we had to take care of and get to the taxidermist to mount! He is beautiful, I am so proud of Andy for his hard work and time he put in!

IMG_0226Halloween and Taylor Swift… Great combination if you ask me! When we were in Wisconsin a few weeks ago we visited friends and family, while also hunting. We spent Halloween with some of our best friends in Eau Claire and of course listened to Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 on the drive, and on the long trip over from North Dakota too! Gotta love T-Swift! Andy was a part of the USA Drinking Team and I, all too fittingly, was Taylor Swift pretending to be Becky. In case you haven’t heard the story, definitely Google it.


It was a great night with great friends! I got to hang out in my old stomping grounds, but didn’t feel like a college kid, odd to think I graduated quite a while ago now… But it was fun to see so many friends and meet new ones too!

IMG_0209 IMG_0208IMG_0214

I also found out that I am a new Grand Big of a beautiful Grand Little. My Little Sister from our sorority Alpha Xi Delta has a new Little Sister of her own. I couldn’t be prouder to see my family grow and to celebrate with my Little the growth of our family!


While on our trip I got to spend some time with one of my best friends and her adorable munchkin who is a year old now (they grow up so fast)! It was great to be back in Appleton for the first time in three months. I haven’t been able to relax and catch up with her in a long time so it was great to visit and remember our time in Appleton. We also visited a friend’s new home and got to see some of our artwork put to use. We couldn’t bring everything on our move to North Dakota, unfortunately, so some of our items were donated to friends and Goodwill.

IMG_0308Getting to visit another one of my best friends was a surprise that I didn’t think I would be able to do during our vacation! I was able to attend her baby shower and see how gorgeous she is with her growing baby bump. She got to see little bit of the quilt I am making for her and little peanut as a gift. I love quilting and a gift of a homemade quilt is good luck! We really are missing being close to our best friends and this visit to Wisconsin showed us what we love and want to get back to. I was almost crying when we packed up the car to drive back to North Dakota… We will be back soon Wisconsin, for Thanksgiving!

10799834_10153795608508539_1699104002_nOnce we finally got back to North Dakota after the really long drive, we were greeted by snow… on November 2nd. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and the beauty of winter, but it makes the wait for the holidays feel even longer when we get snow so early. I know I will be decorating this next week because it’s driving me crazy not to with the winter weather! Keep an eye out for that post.


New Hair & The Long Trip

It was hair cut week in our house last week. Nina, Andy and I all received “great” haircuts from my own hands! Poor Nina got the worst of it, she’s got nice short hair now, but because she is afraid of scissors and shakes while you trim her up, it was hard to get it nice looking. She likes to run away the second you let go of her so Andy ended up having to hold onto her while I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed, it’s amazing to see how much fur comes off of her tiny body! IMG_0149 IMG_0150All why trimming Nina, Cora looked on, somewhat disgusted, especially when I asked her if she would like a haircut too. She wasn’t too sure what we were doing to the dog, but she enjoyed the fur coming off of someone besides her (Nina is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed). cora

Andy got a nice clean trim, as per usual. I have actually been cutting his hair since we moved in together two years ago. The only time I didn’t give him a trim, was right before our wedding, not because I was afraid of how it would look, but because I didn’t have time! Way too busy making sure everything would go smoothly. IMG_0142

I also chopped my own hair. After many years of cutting hair for others, including Nina and trimming up my own, not professionally might I add, I decided to give myself a full cut. I watched multiple videos of how to easily and cleanly cut your own hair, luckily it helped! A long bob is what I was going for, but was too afraid to cut it short in back on my own, so it is just slightly shortened in back. If I do decide to go for more of a drastic cut, I will have a professional do it, just not too trusting of myself yet!  IMG_0145 IMG_0169What do you think, not too shabby hu (one of these photos is right after I woke up, and it still looks good)? Well it works for now, and for our budget!

We were also preparing for our trip to Wisconsin the past few days; laundry, packing, cleaning, etc… We are headed to Andy’s hometown to hunt and see friends and family. The plan is too visit multiple places over the week we have, including Eau Claire (my college town) and Appleton (our most resent home before Bismarck). I can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate Halloween, as last year we didn’t get a chance to! IMG_0175While in Black River Falls (Andy’s hometown), we hope to complete a few projects and get some food for the winter, that would be the deer Andy and I will be hunting, (mostly Andy). I have some great ideas I can’t wait to complete, more on that later!IMG_0173 IMG_0174I decided to pack up some lunch for us on the road including pasta salad, cheese, pepperoni, crackers, apples, almonds, mandarin oranges and a twist on Rice Crispy treats. Some of our favorite snacks stared at me in the store until I put them in my basket, so they ended up in the whale cooler. I am pretty excited to eat on the road, because I am huge on snacking when traveling, not sure about anyone else, but it sure helps pass the time!

Were hoping to make it to Black River Falls by dinner so that we don’t need to stop for food and will have time to relax before going to sleep! Keep an eye out for the Rogue, Whaley Clan!

A Temporary Home

Since Andy and I are “stuck” in a small 1 bedroom apartment in North Dakota, I figured I might as well make the place feel like home. I started with the bedroom, which I am still trying to complete, but I have made some progress recently.

IMG_3013I finally recovered my free chair; I went through my stash of fabric and found a color close to the rooms accent color, mint or teal or…. I haven’t quite decided what to call the color but it’s definitely a blue-green!

IMG_0159Either way, this is the accent color with brown, white, grey and tan neutrals. My Mother is even making our wedding quilt to match the neutrals in the room (yes I know, after the wedding, I didn’t have time to pick our fabric or a pattern before, too busy planning).  We also have new lamps and a duvet cover, both wedding presents as well, thank you!

IMG_3020Some of the decor above the bed is new, I added a fun framed sign that helps to remind me that even though we may not be happy in North Dakota, it is still home because we have each other. A new frame was added for one of my favorite wedding photos, and I changed out a red and black sign for a simple dark wood frame from the living room. I did mix multiple wood tones and was worried it would be too busy, but it looks great and pulled together by the accent color!

IMG_0156I have been looking for curtains to bring the room together and actually framed a piece of fabric we are considering (on the bottom left), although it might fit better in a frame then framing the windows, haven’t decided yet!

We also needed to bring Andy’s personality into the room and instead of using one of his very large mounted bucks, as he suggested, I wanted a decorative faux deer. There are many artificial deer heads on the market and while shopping I realized they can be pretty expensive.

deerBut I got lucky and found our little guy while passing the Christmas section, which shouldn’t be out in stores yet, come on it’s not even Halloween! Anyways, he only cost me a couple dollars (with a 40% off coupon) and all I had to do was remove the hanging ribbon and drill a hole in the back to be able to mount him to the wall. Cheap and in my opinion, very cute compared to a large, dead animal staring at me while I sleep!

IMG_3016I also have a new addition that was a birthday gift from my parents, a dress form! I have wanted one of these for years but never got around to getting one. This one has a fun pattern and can be used to display my dresses; this one even matched the room. Score! (P.S. She has already worn multiple dresses!)

 Next, besides needing a larger bedroom and king bed, I will continue to look for great curtains and wait for the amazing quilt my mother is making to help bring everything together! This was the inspiration quilt, ours will be different colors.

quiltideaCrafty Blossom | Partly Cloudy

But for now, here is a future project, the king bed frame we will be making once we buy a home and have a bedroom big enough for such a large bed! It was created by Ana White, who posts furniture plans that are free for anyone to use. A few of the furniture pieces in our living room came from her designs. I can only dream of the new frame for the time being!

p1040281Ana White |  King Farmhouse Bed

The New Beginning

So, it has been a while since I have been on here. I have updated the blog and have decided to be more adamant at updating you on our lives, hopefully weekly!  But for now, welcome to our New Beginning!

To start things off, I should show you why I have been absent from the blog. Our Happily Ever After, aka our wedding and what kept us very busy the past year! 172250554August 2, 2014. The day we started our lives together, officially. I can hardly remember the day any longer. I was told this would happen, but I didn’t believe anyone until we were on our honeymoon and couldn’t remember if we had even cut the cake.  But we did, and apparently it was a funny experience.

us5I’ll share a few photos of our day for now and in a future post will explain our wedding planning process and design.  We enjoyed our day, it was great to see all of our family and friends, as much as I can remember anyways!

us6 IMG_8646 IMG_8490 IMG_5127 us2 IMG_8836 It sure looks like we had a great time!  I will share more later, but wanted to make sure our great photographer Shawna Riniker gets credit for the amazing photography that helped us remember our day.  Check her our here

I’ll leave you with one last photo and the quote that helped us plan our wedding. Stick around for new posts and an active blog, finally IMG_8431-Mumford and Sons  |  Awake My Soul

Why, So Katie Mae?

Oh hey there, I am Katie Mae!

Never guessed right?  Welcome to my blog, this is the place that I am able to share mine and my husbands life. This is for family and friends to see what we are up to and to share our fun projects!

So enjoy all that we have to offer, I know there isn’t too much yet, but it will steadily grow and come to reflect everything that we are.  That is why this blog became So Katie Mae, because my friends and family always look at my projects or ideas and tell me that is “so you!”  Thus the beginning of my new project!

I look forward to hearing from all of you, and I will continually update you as exciting things happen in our lives and as I force my ever so helpful Husband into creating more DIY projects for our home!

-Love always, Katie Mae.